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Evil Twins

Oh no, it’s Evil Twins! Mother Nature’s deadly duo of doom come out swinging with their self-titled​ debut on Vacant Stare Records. The post-pop Oakland 2 piece keep it simple with short songs about nothing and everything. Sure to be one of this year’s​ favorites​​, Evil Twins are that new new you’ve been waiting for…

Christian Singles

Christian Singles is the name of my new (solo?) project. Here’s a group of songs I wrote and recorded over the last year called, “Untitled.” Mostly sad, lo-fi bedroom pop jams I’ve been too embarrassed to show anyone. All proceeds will be donated directly to the Gray Area Foundation’s Relief Fund for the Victims of the Ghost Ship Fire. FFO: GBV, bad drumming, good causes, etc. Sounds best through a cassette adapter into the stereo of a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Van. Special thanks to Duane M. Ramos who volunteered to master my shitty recordings and Samuelito Cruz for contributing the art work.

Tiny Head

Oakland’s Tiny Head sound like the soundtrack to some dredged up, forgotten horror film; like if the members of Slint were snorting Adderall to get back up from a particular twisted acid trip. The quintet’s blend of angular hardcore, memorable riffs, and concise songwriting has garnered them a local following despite only a handful of live appearances and misleading information online. It helps that the 5-piece combine members of Bay Area bands Never Young, Toyota, and Crush. Tracks like the anthemic “Tiny Head” and the creepy “Drop” put them up there with the best in hardcore experimenters.

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Live photo by Paloma Moreno.