Monthly Archives: May 2018


The last year has been a transitional¬†one for me, to say the least. Mall Walk is finito but, I am very happy to be unearthing these final recordings as they are, in my opinion some of our best. There’s no drama, no bad blood…we simply ran our course creatively and felt it was best to put it to rest. Very grateful to have played with Dan and Nick for so long and remain extremely proud of all the music together. Here’s “Rose” and “Out To Lunch”:

Blues Lawyer is a new collaboration between me, Elyse Schrock (The World), Nic Russo (Dick Stusso), and Alejandra Alcala (Preening). It’s started as a joke, with the intention of only playing a couple shows but, it’s a lotta fun and I don’t wanna stop. So, we made a record and we’re gonna do a little touring. Excited to see where this all goes.