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Stusso on wax

Dick Stusso’s debut, “Nashville Dreams/Sings The Blues” is now available, for the first time on limited edition 12″ vinyl. DICKSTUSSOvinyl.jpgIf you’re in the continental US, order via bandcamp:


Tiny Head

Oakland’s Tiny Head sound like the soundtrack to some dredged up, forgotten horror film; like if the members of Slint were snorting Adderall to get back up from a particular twisted acid trip. The quintet’s blend of angular hardcore, memorable riffs, and concise songwriting has garnered them a local following despite only a handful of live appearances and misleading information online. It helps that the 5-piece combine members of Bay Area bands Never Young, Toyota, and Crush. Tracks like the anthemic “Tiny Head” and the creepy “Drop” put them up there with the best in hardcore experimenters.

Stream, download, or cop a tape here:


Live photo by Paloma Moreno.